Our Story

Customer-First Home Building Company

Since 1986, when Regional Homes of Maryland was established, the philosophy of the home building company has remained consistent. The goal has always been to provide the most comprehensive, rewarding building experience to their customers. Plus, produce a finished product of which they can be proud.

This tradition continues with Steve Schneidereith and Chip Burton, the owners of Regional Homes of Maryland. They have joined forces and combined their diverse talents. As a result, this home building company is rich in its pride and tradition. It’s a customer-based building company that strives to exceed its customers’ expectations.

home building company designing a model home
We are a design–build home construction company in Maryland.

This accounts for the company’s longevity and continued success. Steve and Chip’s true hands-on philosophy and their desire to guarantee a great building experience is the earmark of their success.

Since the inception of Regional Homes of Maryland, controlled growth has remained a part of the plan. This has ensured Steve and Chip’s ability to maintain personal contact with their customers. Additionally, it enables them to meet necessary timeframes in the delivery of their homes.

Among Maryland’s Best Custom Home Builders

Regional Homes of Maryland currently builds throughout the Maryland area. Regional Homes of Maryland has aligned themselves with the best in the industry. This includes long-term relationships with quality suppliers and subcontractors, and experienced real estate professionals. They boast about the fact that they have consistently used the same subcontractors for years. Their demands on the subcontractors are clear-cut, reasonable, and straightforward.

Everyone at Regional Homes of Maryland participates in the combined effort to produce a superior home for the customer. This begins with a detailed Pre-Construction meeting with every customer, prior to starting each home. It is followed with a Pre-Drywall meeting during construction, and a walkthrough after construction has been completed.

After the New Home Construction

The commitment to customer satisfaction continues after settlement. Every customer has the option to invite us back to the house to address any issues discovered. This includes opportunities at 90 days after settlement and one year after settlement. In addition, every customer receives a questionnaire after settlement, providing the opportunity to evaluate their building experience. This valuable information is used by Regional Homes of Maryland to continually achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Regional Homes of Maryland is a member of the Maryland Building Industry Association. It is also a participant held in high esteem by the Professional Service Warranty Corporation. Through them, Regional Homes of Maryland provides an extended ten-year structural warranty for every home they build.

Steve Schneidereith, Chip Burton, and the entire staff at Regional Homes of Maryland take pride in the fact that they have been selected to build your new home.